About Us

Our Story

Cowhides Direct was started out what we feel was a necessity to raise the standard of quality and service for the cowhide industry. Our family has been in the cowhide and furniture business for over 25 years and we have been to countless trade shows, seen copious amounts of furniture stores, and have a firm grip on the industry as a whole.


With this knowledge and experience, we decided it was time to bring a consistent level of quality to the cowhide industry. All of the cowhides we sell are sold with integrity, honesty, and accuracy. We have taken a step above and beyond what our competitors are doing by taking pictures of every single cowhide in our inventory, numbering them, and offering our customers an exact image of the product they are going to receive. When you shop with Cowhides Direct, there is no "product will arrive similar to what you see". With our company, what you see is what you get!


After so many years in the industry, we have found that at an almost equal value, customers need great service! At Cowhides Direct we pride ourselves on having the best customer service possible and we are always happy to help with even the smallest questions. We are here for you 7 days a week.


We sincerely hope to gain you as a customer and will never take for granted your business. Rest assured, when shopping with us, you will feel right at home.




Heritage and Heirloom Pieces that Last Lifetimes

We know that not everyone is looking for real cowhides. It takes a special kind of person to appreciate everything real, legitimate, carefully cared for and respected cowhides have to offer. This isn’t an impulse buy. It isn’t something you can find just anywhere, either.


No. When you’re shopping for cowhide – real cowhide – nothing “run-of-the-mill” will do. You’re expecting the very best of the best. And you should expect the best. That’s what we here at Cowhides Direct deliver.


We are proud to offer the kinds of cowhides that your families going to fight over long after you’re gone!


Our Story 

For more than 25 years now we’ve been delivering the world’s best quality cowhides available anywhere, and not just to folks looking to dress up their homes or offices.


When HGTV, House ; Home, Cowboys ; Indians, Better Homes and Gardens, Vogue Living, Luxe, and more are looking for truly special cowhides to transform in interior space completely – giving it the kind of atmosphere and energy only our cowhides can – they call us!


And we deliver.


With more than 10,000 happy customers all over the world and a solid gold reputation, it’s been our great honor and privilege to deliver the best quality cowhides found anywhere on the planet.


Home to the world’s largest cowhide showroom and carefully sourcing our hides from only the best ranchers and farmers out there, none of our hides our “second run”. You know what you’re getting when you get your hands on a Cowhides Direct hide, that’s for sure.


Our Hides

Each and every one of our top-quality, only A grade cowhides are sourced from ranchers and farmers in Brazil and Europe that are very careful and respectful of the animals these hides come from.


All of these hides are humanely and sustainably harvested from animals that are not raised for their hides or leather alone, but instead raised for meat. Every single one of our hides comes with a certificate of authenticity can only confirm where it’s from but also that the animal was treated well respected and cared for.


These perfect cowhides are then delivered to us here at our operation based out of Florida. Our own team of inspection experts then start to carefully comb over every square inch of cowhide that comes through the doors.


Only the best of the best are ever made available for sale, though, with a number of hides from every order sent out to other retailers or operations because they didn’t make our cut. We know this is a special investment for you and we are serious about honoring our end of the bargain.


The hides are then inspected for quality and character, with each hide individually photographed (in stunning HD) and added to our online catalog for customers to browse and order from. Each hide is guaranteed not to shed any hair whatsoever, not to curl or crinkle because of improper treatment, and not to degrade or fall apart over time.


These are forever cowhides that will outlast each and every one of us when well cared for.


Legacy Continued: The Unified Vision of Two Brothers

The next chapter of Cowhides Direct unfolds under the diligent leadership of brothers Jason and Michael. Immersed in the world of cowhides since their youth, they harmoniously blend their skills to enhance the company's legacy.

Both Jason and Michael seamlessly integrate modern technology into the business. Endless options for customers, world class customer service, and always top qualtiy products are synonymous with the Cowhides Direct shopping experience, thanks to their combined efforts.

Their shared passion for design has also led to pioneering collaborations with contemporary artists, birthing unique cowhide collections that are a testament to tradition meeting modernity. Furthermore, both brothers are deeply committed to sustainability, ensuring every step, from procurement to packaging, is eco-conscious.

With the largest assortment of cowhide rugs globally, our dedication doesn't end at our inventory. We pride ourselves on offering competitive prices and delivering unmatched service throughout the buying journey, from initial interest to post-purchase care.

Guided by values of integrity, honesty, and unparalleled quality, Jason and Michael not only uphold the Cowhides Direct legacy but elevate it, setting new benchmarks for the industry.


Our Promise

At the end of the day, our promise is the exact same one we made to our first customers 25+ years ago. We promise you that you’ll have access to the greatest selection of top-quality cowhide rugs anywhere on the planet.


These cowhide rugs are going to be gorgeous, filled top to bottom with color and character, and absolutely unique from any other one you’ll ever find anywhere else. These cowhide rugs are as unique as a fingerprint – with scars and stories written across them – and ready to totally transform the space that they will live in from here on out.


Once again, these cowhides are not for everyone. But if you’re looking for something special, something really spectacular – something rugged and comfortable all at the same – there’s nothing else quite like our cowhide rugs.


If you’re interested in our cowhide just know that we do ship worldwide, with every order leaving our Cowhides Direct base of operations in Florida within 24 hours of your purchase.


Pick out your new forever cowhide rug today!