Ebony Zebra Large South American Cowhide Rug 7'1" x 6'11" by Saddlemark – Cowhides Direct

"Rug arrived quickly and even more beautiful than expected." - Jennifer P., Cowhides Direct Customer


Cowhide Rugs add luxury to your room. You can add these rugs under a table, by itself, or anywhere else for a litte extra radiance! A designers favorite choice, these have been a timeless tradition in tying a room together from celebrity homes to famous hotel brands.

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Certificate of Authenticity Included

Color Ebony Zebra
Country of Origin Argentina
Measurements (HxW) 7'1" x 6'11"
Backing Natural Soft Suede

Your home deserves to look its absolute best.

The perfect cowhide rug can do wonders to TRANSFORM a room

From infusing varied design styles and colors seamlessly to visually anchoring the room, it’s basically a must-have décor item to make an interior look pulled together and complete.

What is so different about our Cowhide Rugs?


All of our cowhides are individually photographed, measured, and have passed our quality cerification. For over 25 years, we have travelled the world to find the most luxurious cowhides to offer directly to you. Our hides are thick, supple, and soft against your skin and offer longeivty to last a lifetime.


Let's face it, Cowhides are ultra stylish and incredibly versatile.

The durability of a cowhide rug makes it perfect for high traffic areas of your home OR BUSINESS.

If you want to skip the daunting task of shopping for the perfect rug, look no further. The cowhide rug is every designer’s go-to item that ticks all the boxes — from rustic to modern, a cowhide rug solves a ton of design dilemmas and easily lends itself to decor of all styles.

When it comes to cowhdies, quality cowhide makes all the difference to avoid curling, shedding, peeling, and bad odors. These rugs are also safe to use on hardwood and tile surfaces with or without a rug pad.

Pick your perfect cowhide rug out today and see how it will transform your home.

$259.99 $502.99 48% Off

Free Shipping over $199

30 Day Easy Return

Customer Name / Location Customer Review

Joanne Webb - Texas


Never more delighted!

"We are so totally delighted with the 3 rugs we have purchased from Cowhides Direct! I did exchange one as it just didn't go with the room as expected. I had no issues in the process. They helped me get a replacement out pretty quick which was great. I have ordered two pillows to go with this but wish I would have gotten the inserts."

Donna Applebaum - Georgia

Dang they are quick

"I swear I ordered the cowhide rug and it was delivered the next day! I guess they can read minds... It was exactly what I ordered and packaged very well. I was delighted with the quality. I would order from them again - that is for sure!"

Mark Laman - Florida

Bulls eye
"the description and picture on the web were accurate........the delivery was quick and on time.....a refreshing experience! Thank you!"

Claire Goldstein  - New York

Sent the wrong rug but fixed it
"I was disappointed when I opened my new rug box and discovered it was not what I ordered. They did the right thing and exchanged the rug at no cost, but the whole ordeal took over a week. "

Rebecca Fomina - Califonia

Cowhide rug survives Kitty Test!
"Round entrance rug is attacked first thing in the morning and has survived its daily clawing.
I was pleased how quickly it was delivered and how the picture represented the actual color."

Scott Schroder - Minnesota

Love the rug and the price
"I have been looking for quite a while and found cowhides direct rugs they have a great variety and the prices are affordable!!"

Jennifer Bailey - Texas

My new cowhide made my room complete
"I absolutely love my new cowhide!!! Five stars here! I will be returning in the near future. Also, super fast shipping in like 3 days was much appreciated. Very happy customer here!!!"

Melissa Murphy - New York

No complaints
"One word................................... Awesome!"

Maria Malt - Wyoming

Prompt delivery and quality as promised
"This is a beautiful cowhide rug! The service on the phone was easy. I love what it did for our room, I need to find a place for a second rug now."

Patricia Donahue - Idaho

Great value and service
"The cowhide arrived promptly and great value for the money! I'd definitely recommend."

Krystal Nix - Georgia

"I love it, the rug looks better than the photo. "

Josephine Lespinasse - North Carolina

Very professional and helpful.
"It was my first time buying on line a cowhide to go in my bedroom, and I was very skeptical at first to do so. But the choice of rugs to choose from is immense, so I took my chance. I liked the rug but I should have measured so I had to exchange it for a different one. Cowhides direct customer service was very helpful for the return and even contacted UPS to pick up the rug at my house, which was very important to me as I live kinda far from the city. So thank you so much for all of you. Am still looking for the right rug on your site."

Joe Toth  - Texas

No surprises!
"Rug as pictured/described. Good price; smooth logistics."

Heather Lynn - Nevada

Awesome cowhide rug for an even more awesome price!
"This black and white cowhide rug was a gift for my little sister who is redecorating her sitting room. When she got the rug, she texted and emailed me excitedly to tell me how beautiful and soft it is. She says it's just the right color and it's lovely. She also sent me pictures of the rug in the room. This site delivered one happy customer."


    • Saddlemark Ebony Zebra 7'1" x 6'11" Cowhide Rug from Argentina
    • Material: Natural Cowhide
    • Overall measurements: 7'1" x 6'11"
    • Comes with certificate of authenticity? Yes, comes with certificate of authenticity
    • Great uses for this product: Floor carpet, on top of another rug or carpeting, wall d?cor, couch throw, upholstery, and more


    Unique SKU for this rug: 1762
    Backing: Natural Soft Suede
    Brand: Saddlemark
    Color: Ebony Zebra
    Country of Origin: Argentina
    Product Care: Occasional Vacuuming
    Rug pad needed: No rug pad needed

    Weight & Dimensions:

    Cowhide in Feet (HxW) 7'1" x 6'11"
    Cowhide Square Feet: 49
    Cowhide Square Meters: 4.55
    Cowhide Rug Width (In Inches) 83
    Cowhide Rug Height (In Inches) 85
    Cowhide Weight Approx. 10 Pounds


    South American Cowhides are a magnificent addition to any home and can fit with any decor style.

    Saddlemark premium cowhides feature a level of quality that goes above and beyond industry standards by not only choosing only the best cowhides out


    Features of South American Hides:

    • Hand selected cowhide rugs (only 15% of rugs get the Saddlemark stamp of approval!)
    • Certificate of Authenticity: Guarantees the rug to be a genuine Saddlemark rug meeting all quality standards and

    Q: After I place an order, will you send me pics of rugs to choose from before shipping out?

    A: The actual rug you see in the picture here since it is noted as the actual rug will ship out exactly as you see. That is one of the benefits of shopping with us! =)

    Q: Can you tell me how to care for a cowhide? Vacuum it? Sweep? Other? thanks in advance

    A: We recommend using your standard vacuum without the beater bar option. We also sell a cleaner product that works great. A thing to remember is that cowhides are very stain resistant so they are great for high traffic or active homes/offices. Do not wash in a washing machine or dry clean.

    Q: Will it lay flat? It appears to have wrinkles in the picture.

    A: The rugs many times when we photograph them are coming straight out of the box. As you can see from the photos they will lay flat almost immediately. After a few days, these rugs will continue to flatten out and lay flat for years to come. Our cowhides come with instructions to remove if you were to have any stubborn wrinkles with ease, they are not permanent.

    Q: Is this real cowhide or synthetic? And what is the backing?

    A: Our cowhides are 100% real cowhide with a natural suede backing. We do not sell faux cowhides. 

    Q: I've ordered a cowhide from another site that had a terrible smell, do your rugs have the same?

    A: Our rugs are chromium tanned by the highest quality standards the same we have been doing in our family for over 25 years. The Saddlemark brand we carry is considered a premium line in the industry and will not have these harsh smells that are common among much less expensive, inferior cowhides. Your cowhide will smell like finished leather.  The finished leather smell does dissipate over time. 

    Q: Why are some of the rugs so much more expensive for the same size??

    A: Cowhide rugs in certain colors and configurations can be extremely rare so they are less common. For example some cowhides like white we only get around 20 per 1000 cowhides we bring into our tannery which causes the rug price to increase because of its rarity.

    Q: Are these rugs soft or rough?

    A: Our rugs because of the tanning process are much softer than many rugs you will find at less expensive price levels. We use only chromium tanning which produces a superior cowhide rug that is soft and supple which maintaining the ability to last in your home for a lifetime. The Brazilian rugs we sell are typically your softest option that feels like a buttery smooth material. European breeds will still be soft but have a different feel.

    Q: Do these hides shed the hair?

    A: These are chromium tanned hides you can literally pick the rugs up by the hair and it will not come out. Normally you only see this with much less expensive, inferior tanned hides. 

    Q: How long will a cowhide last?

    Since they are a natural animal byproduct, cowhides have a very long lifespan that will last many years and in some cases, many of our original customers have had their rugs for over 20 years now and still look amazing in their homes. 

    Q: How are the cowhides tanned?

    A: Our cowhides are tanned using what is called the chrome tanning process. This causes the back of the hides to have a slight blue-grey color. This is the best technique for soft and supple leather. This process is long and strenuous and takes over 8 hours to finish. Our tanneries use only environmentally responsible methods of waste treatment during this process. 

    Q: Can these cowhides be used for upholstery projects?

    A: Yes, our cowhides are used by upholstery companies nationwide. The Brazilian hides will have a softer to the touch thicker material that is great for hiding flaws in your upholstery project. The European breed hides won't be as thick but still have an amazing finished look and used on many projects we see our clients completing.

    Q: Can I return the rug if I don't like it?

    A: Returns are no problem at all if you decide that the cowhide is not right for you, please call us within the first 30 days and we will issue you a return authorization. 

    Q: can you please give some kind of a size of the rug???

    A: We measure our rugs individually from the largest point width and height wise and post on this page. If you do not see the measurement on this page please request a certain size and we will email you back with some examples in this size range. 

    Q: When will my product ship?

    Most products ship within 24 to 48 hours.  If we cannot ship your product within that time frame we will contact you by email and/or phone. 

    Q: Is this considered leather?

    A: Yes, this is a genuine leather cowhide rug with the hair on. 

    Q: My animals have a tendency to mark their territory on new rugs. Will this stain my rug?

    A: Cowhides are very stain resistant! We always recommend cleaning the area by blotting with a damp rag to dry the area. We also provide a cleaner that is great for situations like this and a 5-year protection plan that if you were not able to remove a stubborn stain someone would come out free of charge to clean your rug. 

    Q: Do you ship Worldwide?

    A: Yes, we ship worldwide as long as you have a physical address we can make it happen!

    Why Shop With Us 

    Cowhides Direct Competitors 
    Unmatched Customer Service - we provide a knowledgeable service staff to work with you before and after your purchase. Some of our clients have been with us for years and have worked with of their friends and family members.  Email only support or limited knowledge of the product.
    Shows actual picture of rug you'll receive Shows a picture of a generic cowhide which may not be similar at all
    Certificate of authenticity of where rug is from and quality checks passed No guarantee of quality/origin country
    Extremely easy to care for we also provide a cleaning and care guide with your order Lower quality hides can be stained much easier because of inferior tanning process/origin country of hide
    Rugs are in stock - Shipped out right within 24 hours Up to a week for shipping
    Great resale value because of individual certification stamp and certificate  Hard to resell / Lower resale value
    Professionally folded to prevent creases and/or and wrinkle lines Try to save on shipping by cramming rugs into small boxes which cause creases and wrinkle lines
    Hand selected cowhides to prevent you buying rugs with major defects Normally don't show actually rugs because they are buying seconds or blems as the industry refers to these. Allows for lower price but lower quality.


    If there is anything you need please reach out we would be happy to assist you before, during, or after your purchase. 800-651-2747 - Open 7 days a week from 9AM-9PM EST.

    Shipping Information:

      • All of the rugs listed here are in stock and ready to ship out right away. Tracking is included with all orders. As soon as your rug ships out you will receive an email confirmation of your order and within 24-48 hours a tracking number so you know exactly when your item(s) will arrive.
      • Your Saddlemark certificate of Authenticity will be shipped together with your rug in the same box.
      • Order Processing Time: 24-48 hours
      • Shipping times: Standard (Free), Expedited shipping times available at checkout
      • Shipping Price: Free shipping over $199 in USA, Free shipping over $399 worldwide

    Return Information:

      • We want you to love your new rug! If for any reason you decide this rug isn't the right size or fits your room just right, we have a Hassle-free 30 Day return policy. Please read our return policy for full information.

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