From Rugs to Wall Art: Cowhide Decor Ideas for Every Room

Cowhide Decorating Ideas

Cowhide rugs have shown themselves to be a wonderful addition to any style of home.  While used by many as a floor rug in the living room or bedroom of a home, did you know that cowhide can be used for a multitude of other decorating styles?

Cowhides on the Wall

While a cowhide rug looks absolutely stunning as a floor piece, these rugs can also add a sort of pizzazz to the walls in your home.

When thinking of just what wall to use, consider the following ideas:

  • Cowhides can really make a bedroom pop by adding it on the wall on top of your headboard
  • On the ceiling used as a medallion for a chandelier or fan using a small, neutral colored hide.
  • On the walled combined with other accessories (such a backdrop for a painting, mirror, or animal horns) 

Alternative Ideas

Many of our customers have such creative and wonderful ideas that we have seen implemented in their homes.  While we do sell cowhides as the natural products that they are, some customers have taken it a step further:

  • Cowhides can be modified and used as wallpaper in a guest bathroom
  • When designing coffered ceilings, consider adding patches of cowhide to each box.

As you can see, while using a cowhide as a rug can be a stunning cowhide decor idea for your home, there are many other applications that can really make your home stand out.

Have any ideas? We would love to hear about them!


  • Misty Bennett

    I am very interested in the two chaise lounges on this page. It’s the brown with diamond tuck leather and the cowhide accent on the sides. Could you please tell me how much they are and if they are available?

  • Jessi Kangas

    You can also toss the hides on your bed!!

  • Suzanne

    Beautiful cowhides. How was the one hung on the wall without messing up the hide? Just stunning!

  • Sheila Gentry, The Carolina Cabin Store

    Thank you for using my photo of the cowhide on the wall with the two leather and cowhide chaises. I would appreciate it if you would recognize where the photo came from
    Thanks! Sheila

  • Mercoexport


    Nice cowhide colors you have!

    We offer Grade A quality of cowhides, patchwork rugs,cushions and coasters. Average price Usd 22/m2

    If you have any interest, pls visit

    We can provide further details upon request.

    Best regards,

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