Why Shop With Us

Why Shop With Us

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Unmatched Customer Service - we provide a knowledgeable service staff to work with you before and after your purchase. Some of our clients have been with us for years and have worked with of their friends and family members.  Email only support or limited knowledge of the product.
Shows actual picture of rug you'll receive Shows a picture of a generic cowhide which may not be similar at all
Certificate of authenticity of where rug is from and quality checks passed No guarantee of quality/origin country
Extremely easy to care for we also provide a cleaning and care guide with your order Lower quality hides can be stained much easier because of inferior tanning process/origin country of hide
Rugs are in stock - Shipped out right within 24 hours Up to a week for shipping
Great resale value because of individual certification stamp and certificate  Hard to resell / Lower resale value
Professionally folded to prevent creases and/or and wrinkle lines Try to save on shipping by cramming rugs into small boxes which cause creases and wrinkle lines
Hand selected cowhides to prevent you buying rugs with major defects Normally don't show actually rugs because they are buying seconds or blems as the industry refers to these. Allows for lower price but lower quality.


If there is anything you need please reach out we would be happy to assist you before, during, or after your purchase. 800-651-2747 - Open 7 days a week from 9AM-9PM EST.


Cowhides Direct: The Industry Leaders in A-Grade Cowhides


When it comes to choosing a premium cowhide design piece, CowhidesDirect.com are the leaders in quality, customer service, and value. We showcase the largest selection of cowhide rugs in the world, and we can confidently stand by every cowhide that leaves our showroom.

Homeowners and designers across the globe can count on us to deliver the highest quality cowhides in top condition—straight to your door. CowhidesDirect.com is a proudly US-based cowhide retailer, but we have the capacity to send our A-grade, authentic, ethically sourced cowhides anywhere in the world.

If you’re looking for beautiful, long-lasting cowhide rugs and products—the kind featured in professionally curated Instagram photos—you can count on Cowhides Direct. We’re proud to be featured in leading design publications like Luxe, House ; Home, HGTV, House Beautiful, Better Homes and Gardens, Vogue Living, and Elle Décor.

Cowhides Direct: Leaders in Quality

Rug buyers trust us to deliver the best cowhides consistently and reliably. We are able to meet—and exceed—our customers’ expectations because we pay attention to detail.

Our Quality Difference:

  • We provide a certificate of authenticity with every purchase. Buy with confidence, knowing your cowhide product’s country of origin.
  • We carry out rigorous quality control checks on every cowhide that comes through our showroom. From sourcing to tanning to delivery, we know your cowhide will not shed, warp, or curl.
  • All our stock proudly displays the Hudson Hides stamp on the backside of the cowhide, and a unique serial number that adds significant value to your purchases.
  • We provide detailed care and cleaning instructions to help you keep your cowhide piece in top condition.
  • We only accept A-grade cowhides. Our customers choose us because we do not accept B-grade, blemished, or damaged hides into our stock.
  • Our state of the art US showroom is the largest in the world. You’ll find a comprehensive range of premium cowhides from Brazil ; Europe so there’s no need to compromise on quality or style.
  • We ensure all cowhides are ethically sourced as by-product of the meat industry.

Cowhides Direct: Leaders in Customer Service

As a family-owned and operated American business, we know the value of our relationships. For 25 years we’ve been building a reputation for loyal, hard-working customer service.

And it works! We have more than 10,000 happy customers to thank for our success as one of the world’s leading cowhide retailers.

Our team won’t compromise on our values and integrity to make a sale—and we think that’s why our clients return to us again and again for all their cowhide product purchases.

When integrity matters to you as a buyer or designer, we think you’ll be pleased you chose Cowhides Direct.

We photograph every cowhide in stock, and keep a record of all measurements and statistics so you know exactly what to expect. Other retailers use stock images of cowhides, or deliver a lesser-quality (or blemished) cowhide than that shown in the product gallery. Our clients can be confident that the cowhide they purchase is the exact cowhide in our image gallery and description.

Our Customer Service Difference:

  • We ship worldwide from our Florida showroom—usually within 24 hours.
  • We accept 30-day returns and exchanges.
  • Phone and email support is available 7 days a week from 9 to 9 EST.
  • We display images of the actual rugs and design pieces we sell—no stock images or unscrupulous false advertising.
  • Our cowhide products are professionally folded to prevent creasing and wrinkles, and to ensure the nap of the hair lies flat.

Cowhides Direct: Leaders in Value

Sourcing the best cowhide items can be difficult for our customers. It can be hard to trust the images on the site—and even harder to find a real person to talk to you on the phone.

CowhidesDirect.com is different. Our people are available—real humans with real experience in the cowhide product industry. We understand quality, we can offer advice on rug care, and we can answer questions about the background of every item we stock.

This level of value doesn’t have to cost the earth, either. Many of our customers are surprised to learn that we offer the most affordable and competitive pricing on A-grade cowhide rugs on the market. Other stores and online retailers sell similar quality rugs for upwards of $600. You don’t need to pay so much to own the best.

Our Value Difference:

  • Every item we stock is properly tanned for a longer lifespan without shedding or curling.
  • Lower quality cowhides stain and warp. Ours are easy to care for because all the hard work has been done before the rug reaches your door.
  • We provide advice for the life of your piece—helping you to get the most out of your investment, and maintain the beauty of your unique rug.
  • Competitive pricing helps our customers secure a cowhide that elevates your home décor without decimating your wallet. A-grade cowhide rugs offer excellent resale value, too—thanks to their certification stamp and serial number.

The Cowhides Direct Commitment

Cowhides Direct has been the industry leader in premium grade cowhide rugs for over a quarter of a century. We believe we owe our long-term success to one of our core values: commitment.

  1. We’re committed to delivering excellent quality cowhides.
  2. We’re committed to earning our customers’ trust through consistently good service.
  3. We’re committed to fair and affordable pricing for a great deal.

When you’re in the market for the best cowhide rug, pillow, or piece of furniture, CowhidesDirect.com should be at the top of your list of teams to talk to. We’re here 7 days a week to offer advice on choosing the best piece for your space, as well as tips on how to care for it to keep it looking its best for years—even decades—to come.

The Cowhides Direct Promise

You can count on Cowhides Direct to deliver best-in-show cowhide products that stand the test of time—straight from our Florida showroom to your home. Anywhere in the world, 10,000+ happy customers can’t be wrong: you can buy with confidence from CowhidesDirect.com.


All of the products on Cowhides Direct are hand selected and have gone through an extreme vetting process. This process sifts out any cowhides that Cowhides Direct deems unfit. 

All cowhide purchases come with the following:

  • Unique certificate of authenticity authenticating the rugs origin, quality standards, and Hudson Hides stamp matched to your individual rug which can increase resale value significantly. 
  • Hudson Hides stamp of approval on backside of hide as well as unique serial number which can be verified online. 
  • While these rugs are extremely easy to care for, a detailed cleaning and care guide to ensure you are fully educated on proper maintenance and care of your cowhide.
At Cowhides Direct, we will continuously be trying to improve our website, customer service, and product offering to always make sure our customers receive the same level of care that we expect ourselves as a customer.