Striking Contrast, Timeless Allure

These iconic pieces are not just rugs, but a testament to timeless design, effortlessly bridging the gap between classic elegance and contemporary style in any setting.

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      Natural cowhide is an inspired choice for an area rug, both for its durability and lasting value, and for the design statement that it makes. With unique shapes, patterns and colors, each cowhide rug is an "original" that complements both modern style and more traditional interiors.

      Cow skin is hypo-allergenic, and is as desirable and versatile in warm climates as cool. Cowhide rugs are comfortable in any season, and they are easy to vacuum, shake out and maintain. They do not harbor pests, and pets love them.

      Because hides are totally natural, they are typically seen in neutral black, brown and white tones and random patterns. But dyed cowhides are also available in a wider range of colors, even exotic patterns. Make a unique statement in your own way. Our black and white cowhide rugs with natural free-form patterns will add dramatic appeal to any interior.

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