Balanced Beauty, Natural Elegance

A mesmerizing blend of mid-tone colors, weaving together nature's artistry with elegant design.

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      A noted interior decorator once said that every well-designed room needs a little white, a little black, and a "little animal." Today, whether rooms are rustic or contemporary, one way to follow that advice is to select a natural cowhide rug, especially one with a tricolor brindle pattern.

      Brindle dogs are beloved by owners because of their distinctive coloration and fur patterns. Choose a cowhide rug for your living room for exactly the same reasons. It lends itself to a comforting "down home" style, but can just as easily reflect the latest modern design trends.

      There is nothing impractical about cowhide on the floor. Hides do not shed, cause allergic problems or attract dust or pests. They require minimum upkeep, just occasional brushing and shaking to help retain the suppleness of the leather. Spills are easily wiped up, and hides resist stains and wear.

      Browse all of our unique cowhide rug patterns. We think you'll love the brindle tricolor!

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