Subtle Elegance, Striking Presence

Discover the soothing embrace of our beige and white cowhides, where timeless tones craft a canvas of warmth and distinction.

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      Cowhide rugs are not only for rustic homes in the Old West or for cozy mountain cabins. They are immensely practical and stylish for suburban ranches, urban condos and upscale offices.

      Trending in home decor today, beige & white cowhide rugs offer a neutral background for home decor, no matter what design esthetic you embrace, from period traditional to contemporary chic.

      Cowhide has natural advantages: Hides do not shed or trigger allergic reactions. They are as easy to care for as they are easy on the eyes, requiring only regular vacuuming and occasional shaking and brushing to remove dust and retain their natural suppleness. Cowhide does not attract insects or pests, and liquid spills are easy to blot and remove.

      The sizes, colors and patterns of beige & white cowhides vary greatly. Take the time to pick the one that perfectly expresses your personality.

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