Sleek Sophistication, Bold Impact

Sleek, unadorned elegance makes a powerful statement, offering a contemporary and versatile foundation for any interior design.

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      While a black rug might not be a "normal" choice in interior design, a black cowhide rug might be the catalyst for a decor scheme that will have friends and neighbors asking for your decorating advice.

      Cowhide rugs are dramatic and extremely adaptable. They are also comfortable, durable and easy to live with. Cowhide emits no odors and will not shed hair; it is hypoallergenic and does not harbor pests. In addition, liquids rarely penetrate into the leather and surface spills are easy to wipe up. Occasional brushing helps keep the hide supple and dust-free.

      As a unique natural product, a black cowhide rug can be a "statement" piece in a room. With its distinctive shape and texture, a black cowhide rug would make a stunning statement on a white floor in a modern, minimalist setting. Alternatively, a black cowhide would add luxury to a traditional study or home office.

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