Cowhide Rugs: A Bold and Enterprising Approach to Remodeling Your Home

Cowhide Rugs: A Bold and Enterprising Approach to Remodeling Your Home

A Bold Approach To Interior Design

Everyone wants their home to be considered unique, exclusive, and exceptional. The problem, of course, is that the almost all homes built by the modern-day construction industry are sadly similar and analogous. The same roofing styles, similar colored brick or siding, and parallel room layout plans may make your home seem not a whole lot different from your neighbors.

For interior decoration as well, the vast majority of synthetic materials are mass produced by the same companies. This means that whatever option you choose, you are essentially purchasing a product that thousands of other people have already purchased and put into your home.

To be truly unique and distinctive, you need to think outside of the box. Cowhide rugs are one interior decorating option that offer a number of benefits. Since each and every cowhide rug is exceptionally unique (no cowhide rug will have the same color pattern as the next), adding cowhide rugs to your interior decoration might just give you that touch of distinctiveness that you have been wishing for.

A Full Pallet of Colors

Earth tones and hues are needed in any home. They add warmth, beauty, and an organic feel that invites a feeling of comfort and being welcomed into a home. Cowhide rugs come in a number of different earthen colors that emanate this sensation of warmth of friendliness in a home.

At the same time, earthen colors are easily adapted and matched to virtually any wall color in your home. Even if your young daughter´s room is painted in a bright pink, a cream colored cowhide rug will add a little bit of depth and texture and perhaps even mellow out that striking color. From bright kitchens to darker living rooms, cowhide rugs can be combined with virtually any color to add contrast or to match and follow the existing color scheme.

More Than for Just Floors

Rugs are meant for floors, right? While it might make sense to use a cowhide rug to cover your hardwood floors or even parts of a carpeted room, you can also use your cowhide rug for a number of other purposes.

Cowhide rugs can be hung on your walls as a unique type of wall covering. They also can be used as an exotic backdrop to artwork that will draw the eye of visitors to the artwork you display in your home.

Additionally, cowhide rugs can be placed over your couches, sofas, recliners, or other furniture as a sort of makeshift tapestry. There is a certain charm in cowhide furniture placed around a fireplace.

Lastly, for more daring interior decorators, you could even turn your cowhide rugs into curtain or drapes over windows. The heaviness and weight of these rugs turned curtains would certainly add a unique element of how light enters your home.

The Importance of Thinking Outside the Box

But wait, you might say: I´m not a farmer or rancher, so who am I to put a cowhide rug in my home.” It is important to remember, however, that any memorable and noteworthy idea usually comes from outside the traditionally accepted bounds of acceptance.

If you want people who come into your home to feel truly delightfully surprised at your innovative interior decoration, then you´ll have to go beyond the options presented in the same old interior decoration magazines.

Adding cowhide rugs to your home is one way to give your home a truly unique, cozy, and innovative vibe that all will notice.

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