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Cowhide Rugs as a Symbol of Your Image

A Symbol Of Your Image

Your home should be an extension of your personality, your image, and your aura. For this to happen, you need to spend some time considering how the interior decoration of your home reflects your personal style and preferences.

Cowhide rugs radiate undertones of sophistication, elegance, class, charm, and good taste. Their long term durability and toughness also speak to these elements of your personality. If any of these characteristics describe you or your family, then a cowhide rug might just be the best choice for your home or office.

What a Cowhide Rug Is Not

Many people wrongly assume that cowhide rugs are only acceptable in some ranch or cabin buried in some rural wasteland. While these types of rugs certainly do have historical connections to western ranching culture, they today have a much wider range of uses.

You can find cowhide rugs everywhere from the penthouse offices of CEO´s of Fortune 500 companies, to humble country homes, to chic, state of the art urban apartments.  While cowhide rugs might have originated in one type of environment, today they are widely accepted and adaptable to pretty much every type of home atmosphere.

A Touch of Naturalness

Cowhide rugs also add a touch of natural beauty of any home. Gone are the days when synthetic fabrics and artificial looking home interior decorations ruled the day. Today, most people want a touch of naturalness to their homes, and cowhide rugs offer just that.

The natural hues and unique patterns of a cowhide rug bring an earthiness into your home that will speak volumes about your character and personality. People who step into a living room where a cowhide rug is the main centerpiece will immediately feel enveloped by a warmth of natural realness that complement your personal style.

Furthermore, since each and every cowhide rug in unique, visitors to your home will appreciate the originality of your home décor and will most likely associate that originality and freshness to you as well.

A Design for Everyone

While the natural patterns of cowhide rugs are certainly one option for your home décor, you can also opt for a more daring, adventurous, and vibrant style that corresponds to your unique style. Cowhide rugs can also come in zebra print, leopard stripes, or tiger streaks. While this pattern isn´t for everyone, it will certainly speak volumes about your unique aura.

For a more conservative design approach, you can also find solid color cowhide rugs such as black or brown. These solid colors offer a touch of softness and tranquility to any room and will complement the color scheme that you have developed in each and every room of your home.

Lastly, you can even mix and match different pieces of cowhide rugs. Some companies will offer to custom sew a cowhide rug according to your preference. If you enjoy sewing, you could potentially purchase several smaller rugs, cut them into pieces, and sew together your own unique collection of cowhide rug pieces. This option gives you the ability to personally style your own rug design.

Where to Find the Best Cowhide Rugs

While there are a number of places online where you can find cowhide rugs, it´s important to find a reputable dealer offering quality, authentic cowhide rugs. Cowhides Direct specializes in selling only the highest quality cowhide rugs at some of the best prices you can find. Their tanning process is top quality meaning that your cowhide rug will be sure to last for decades.

Check out their website to browse through a number of beautiful, unique, functional, and durable cowhide rugs to adorn your home.