Cowhide Rugs Versus Synthetic Rugs: Which Last Longer

Cowhide Rugs Versus Synthetic Rugs: Which Last Longer


For any addition to your home, you obviously hope that it lasts for a significant amount of time. No one wants to buy a chair, a table, a lamp, or any other interior decoration item that wears out in a relatively short amount of time.

Unfortunately, many of the household items that are commercially produced today simply aren´t built too last. For the rugs that you purchase to decorate your home, special care needs to be given to make sure that you find a rug that will stand the test of time. Since rugs are made to be trampled on, a poorly made rug will quickly deteriorate to the point that it ends up on the street curb waiting to be picked up by the neighborhood garbage truck.

What Makes Cowhide Rugs Durable?

Cowhide rugs are usually considered to be much more durable than synthetic rugs. A quality cowhide rug is essentially a piece of leather that is much more durable than cheap, synthetic alternatives.

However, some cowhide rugs simply don´t stand the test of time because of improper fabrication. If a cowhide is not tanned correctly, the hair can begin to fall off or the corners of the rug can begin to curl in. When you purchase a cowhide rug, make sure you research the vendor and find a reputable seller that has a proven track record in providing quality, well-tanned rugs.

The technology behind the tanning of cowhide rugs has evolved to the point that today, when cared for properly, a cowhide rug can be considered an investment that will last a lifetime. Instead of changing rugs every couple of years, a good cowhide rug will be something you can pass on to your children and grandchildren.

Signs of Quality Tanning in Cowhide Rugs

Many times, novice buyers of cowhide rugs may find scarring or branding on their cowhide rug and mistake these natural elements to be defects with the rug. Remember, your cowhide rug was once the skin of a live animal. The scarring and branding, instead of being a defect, adds a unique element to your one of a kind rug.

Furthermore, chrome tanned rugs are usually considered to be the best type of cowhide rugs. Cowhides Direct sells cowhides that are exclusively chrome tanned.

The Uniqueness of Cowhide Rugs

There is nothing more depressing than visiting a friend´s home and finding that he or she has the exact same rug that you have in your living room. Everyone wants their home to be considered unique and one of a kind. When you purchase synthetic rugs, however, it is important to understand that these rugs are mass produced and not individually unique.

A cowhide rug, however, is guaranteed to be completely different from every other rug. From unique colors and patterns to a scar or branding mark, you can rest assured that no one in the world will have a cowhide rug like yours. 

A Simple Care Routine

While cowhide rugs are significantly easier to care for than other types of rugs, there are a few rules you need to follow. First and foremost, never soak your cowhide rug as this risks ruining the tanning process that essentially cures and preserves your rug. Furthermore, if you regularly vacuum your cowhide rug, occasionally give it a good steam cleaning, and brush out the hairs on your rug, you can rest assured that your rug will look as good as it did the day you bought it for years on end. For more cleaning tips and a guide for owning a cowhide rug, visit our Top Tips for Taking Care of A Cowhide Rug article.

A Long-Term Investment to Beautify Your Home

While synthetic rugs will undoubtedly show signs of age and use over time, a cowhide rug that is properly cared for may actually look better as the years go on. Instead of looking dilapidated and misused, a quality cowhide rug can actually begin to look uniquely aged, like a valuable antique that adorns your home.

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