Layered Cowhide Rugs: The Ultimate Guide for Home Decor

Layered Cowhide Rugs: The Ultimate Guide for Home Décor

Cowhide rugs strike the perfect balance between traditional western decor and a modern aesthetic. They add drama and texture to any area, whether used alone or layered on top of a neutral base. Layered cowhide rugs provide character and depth and set the mood for relaxation.

This timeless carpet pattern is now enjoying a comeback, and for great reasons. A layered cowhide rug is ideal for adding dimension and visual appeal to a space. Cowhide rugs are made to sustain the daily wear and tear of a busy home. Best of all, they are hypoallergenic since they don't trap allergens like synthetic rugs and carpets do.

To buy a cowhide rug, consider size, color, and pattern. Choose a high-quality, thick rug that feels supple.


How to Layer a Cowhide Rug

Stacking a cowhide rug with another rug becomes an eye-catching focal point in any room. Layered cowhide rug living room patterns soften the areas with straight edges or sharp corners.

Choose the right size and shape.

Layering an irregularly shaped cowhide rug on top of a rectangular base can create a striking visual effect. Measure the room for the best results. You want to make sure that the rugs do not overrun the space or are too small for it. The layered rugs should be big enough to stretch beyond the piece of furniture they are placed under but not so long that they become a tripping hazard.

Select the colors and patterns.

Various colors express different messages. It's not only about matching your furniture or current color scheme but also about matching the vibe of the area. A solid-color cowhide rug is easy to combine with another rug with a more noticeable design. A dark brindle, on the other hand, would look great with a lighter-colored carpet. If you’re feeling bold, a tricolor cowhide rug paired with a rug showcasing one of the cowhide's colors complements spectacularly.

Mix and match with other rug materials.

A great way to showcase a cowhide rug is to layer it over a rug with a contrasting texture or color. Jute and sisal rugs make great bases for cowhide, and patterned rugs can also be a stunning option. The unique textures and colors of the layered rugs add a touch of playfulness to the room.

Place and arrange the layers.

Since the stacked rugs are unique accessories, they need a particular kind of placement too. Make your layered rugs a central point in your living room by placing them at a 45-degree angle on your sofa. This will anchor the room's furnishings and create an inviting atmosphere.

Design Inspirations with Layered Cowhide Rugs


Here are some cowhide rug layering patterns to inspire you:

Play with similar tones.

If you're layering two rugs, consider choosing similar colors to create a cohesive look. This works especially well if your space already has a lot of patterns and designs. For example, you could layer a solid brown cowhide rug with a carpet featuring chocolate, brown, and coffee tones.

Use the cowhide rug as an anchor point.

When decorating a large room, layering rugs is a great way to add warmth and texture. To center smaller furniture sets, try using a cowhide rug as an anchor point on top of a neutral base rug. For instance, you could use a sisal rug as a base and add a brown cowhide to complete the look

Stack more than two rugs.

If you have the space for it, you could use more than one rug to layer. For example, you could try layering a huge white carpet with two tricolor cowhide rugs on each side.


Tips for Maintaining a Layered Cowhide Rug

Here are some tips to help you care for your cowhide rugs and enjoy them for years to come:

  •  To prevent dirt and grit buildup, lightly vacuum your rug in the direction of the grain on a regular basis.
  • Take your rug outside periodically and give it a good beating to remove any dust or dirt that may have accumulated.
  • Clean up spills promptly. Use a damp (not wet) towel with a small amount of mild soap to clean the area. For stubborn spill marks, apply a dab of vinegar to the affected area.
  • Steam-clean your rug occasionally to give it a deeper clean. But be careful not to saturate the rug with water, as too much water can permanently damage it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of using a layered cowhide rug in home decor?

The most noticeable benefit of cowhide rugs is that they refresh the look and feel of a space. They are also more resistant to stains and hypoallergenic than synthetic carpets.

2. How can I maintain the softness of my layered cowhide rug?

To keep the softness of a cowhide rug, clean it thoroughly using an upholstery steamer.

3. Can I use a layered cowhide rug in a commercial space?

Yes, a layered cowhide rug can be used in both residential and commercial spaces.

4. How do I remove wrinkles and folds from my layered cowhide rug?

Ironing a cowhide rug removes creases and folds. Layer a clean towel and a thinner cloth over the wrinkled area, and iron until the creases are gone.

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