The Versatility and Style of Cowhide Rugs for Natural Flooring

The Versatility and Style of Cowhide Rugs for Natural Flooring

While the carpeted home has become a regular addition to many modern homes, many people have begun to search for alternative flooring options that add a touch of sophistication to their home. Wood and stone floors offer a style that is unmatched for its depth of beauty. However, especially in colder climates, these flooring options can be unbearably cold.

Incorporating cowhide rugs with natural flooring options such as wood, stone, ceramic, and even earthen floors, allows you to benefit from the accentuating beauty of cowhide rugs while also adding a unique touch of warmth and heat to your home.

The Stylish Addition of a Cowhide Rug

Cowhide rugs are made from cow skins meaning that each and every rug is unique and different from all else. The colors and patterns of your cowhide rug will be truly one of a kind and will add a bit of texture and color to the usual solid colors of your natural flooring. For example, an auburn colored cowhide rug will add a touch of contrast to your darker stone flooring while a black and white speckled cowhide rug will add some depth to a light wood flooring.

Since cowhide rugs have a natural glossy finish, they can be combined with virtually every and any type of interior home décor. The earthen colors of cowhide rugs also fit in well with any color of natural flooring or wall color. If you feel that a certain part of your home is lacking character and style, a simple cowhide rug can quickly become the focal point of that room while at the same accentuating the other design aspects you have tried to incorporate.

A Touch of Warmth

Imagine waking up on a cold winter day. The snow is falling outside and the thermostat in your home is uncomfortably low. As you get out of bed, your feet hit the cold wood or stone flooring that you recently added to your home. While the natural flooring options certainly looks beautiful, on this morning it feels uncomfortably cold.

Adding cowhide rugs in strategic areas around your home will allow you to benefit from the warmth that they bring.

The soft hairs of a quality cowhide rug can be placed next to your fireplace or in front of your couch so that you can feel warm even while the snow falls outside your window.

In this way, you can keep the beauty of your natural flooring options while also adding warmth, texture, and contrast with the addition of several cowhide rugs. The natural softness of the fibers on a cowhide rug also texturally differ from the smoothness of wood, ceramic and stone floors. Your bare feet will appreciate the subtle differences underfoot as well.

Cowhide Rugs: The Ideal Floor Covering for Natural Flooring Options

While you could very well put almost any type or rug on top of the natural flooring in your home, cowhide rugs offer durability, beauty, and warmth all in one. At the same time, when properly cared for, they can last a lifetime (or more) and maintain their glossiness and quality finish.

Furthermore, since natural wood and stone floors will all be individually unique in the grains and textures of the materials used, why would you want to ruin that look with a mass produced synthetic rug? Like natural flooring, cowhide rugs are all individually unique making them by far the best, all-natural material to maintain the uniqueness of a quality home décor.

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    Why. Is our cowhide ,ice cold on top of,underlay,wool carpet & synthetic rug?

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