The Versatility and Unique Style of a Cowhide Ottoman

The Versatility and Unique Style of a Cowhide Ottoman


The natural look in homes is making a comeback when it comes to interior decoration, and one of the best ways to add a natural feel to your home is through cowhide furniture pieces. The color, texture, and overall feel of cowhide rugs and other accessories is an essential addition to any home décor that is searching for a truly organic feel.

At the same time, cowhide furniture and accessories are known for their long term durability. Instead of replacing a synthetic rug every couple of years, a cowhide rug, when properly cared for can last for generations. These natural products are naturally stain resistant so that you can worry less about children, pets and visitors spoiling your rugs.

Custom Cowhide Ottomans

While cowhide rugs are the most common type of accessory, there a number of other decoration options for cowhides. Footstools that are covered in cowhides use a unique nail head trim that offers a look of sophistication and modernity to the traditional décor.

Nail head trim can be expanded to much more than simply chairs and tables as well. One possible interior decoration idea is to make a cowhide footstool with nail head trim that can be used as a coffee table. Adding contrasting fabrics for pillows will allow your cowhide footstool to add contrast and beauty to any room in your home.

At the same time, cowhide footstools can be incredibly practical. Depending on the size of the footstool, it can be used a size table next to your couch or your recliner, a stool to help your young children crawl into bed, a TV “tray” in your living room, or simply a designer piece of furniture to occupy an empty corner in your room. The versatility of these simple pieces of furniture lend themselves to a number of different uses while adding beauty and style at the same time.

Color Options

At the same time, cowhide stools almost always come in hues of natural, earthen colors that combine well with virtually every type of room decoration or wall color. The brindle coloring that combines browns, oranges, blacks and white can come as either solid colors or as speckled coats resembling your typical spotted cow.

For people who prefer more conservative design options, solid colors ranging from black to white to warm auburn colors will go well in almost any type of room. For people who like a bit of spice and flare in their décor, a leopard or speckled cowhide will definitely bring a bit of zest into your home and will certainly catch the eye of visitors.

Endless Options

One of the most appreciated aspects of cowhide footstools is their versatility. A recliner is a recliner no matter where you put it or how you decorate it. A cowhide footstool, however, can fill a number of different uses in your home and also adapt its color and design so that it can fit in anyone´s home.

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