Crisp, Clean, and Unapologetically Bold

Beyond mere decor, our pure white cowhides are a bold statement of class and elegance in any living space.

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      White is the classic design color of luxury and beauty. White cowhide rugs will add immediate quality and extravagance to any space. While a white rug looks like lavish design, it can also be quite practical. Cowhide is easy to clean, making it the best choice if you want to go with a white focal point in your space. White is a stunning design element, adding class and brightening the room. A white cowhide rug is perfect for any color of tile, woodlook tile, laminate, vinyl or hardwood floor.

      White cowhide rugs are ideal for any home. Families, couples or single adults alike will appreciate the durable quality of the cowhide rug. If you are looking for an upgrade in your space, consider adding quality décor, like the white cowhide rug. 

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