Earthy Elegance, Rustic Charm

Embrace the warm, natural tones of our dark brindle cowhides. Their unique, rustic patterns infuse any room with an understated, sophisticated charm.

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      Dark Brindle Cowhide Rugs exhibit a subtle tone-on-tone pattern and color variation that is infinitely interesting. Because they do not "shout" their presence, they are often used to anchor designs that rely on texture for their effect, and are perfect for soothing, neutral room schemes.

      The appeal of dark brindle is in its unusual "striping" or mixture of tawny tones in an irregular pattern. The overall effect may be dark brown, almost black, or coppery, but on closer examination you will find a mixture of hairs in different tones.

      By choosing a dark brindle cowhide for a rug, you make an immediate design impact. Beyond the visual appeal, the choice reflects a practical sense. Cowhide is durable, non-allergenic, easy to care for, extremely versatile, and offers lasting value.

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