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      Cowhide rugs are available in many different patterns and vary in size from smallish to extremely large. They all, however, have certain things in common: They are practical and they are dramatic.

      A tricolor cowhide rug may have a distinctive bold pattern, or it might exhibit the subtle, brindle tones that are reminiscent of shifting sands and repeating waves of color. Whatever your preference, a tricolor hide will open up design possibilities that no other rug option can equal.

      Natural leather hides have become design and decorating choices for all style genres, from sleek industrial interiors to country casual, from Western rustic to European modern. Even public spaces and offices boast cowhide rugs today because they are as durable and resistant to wear as they are charming as easy to maintain.

      When considering your options for floor covering, don't forget the lasting good looks of a tricolor cowhide.


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