Elegant Contrast,Distinctive Charm

A harmonious blend of earthy browns and crisp whites, providing a striking contrast that adds elegance and a touch of nature's artistry to your space.

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      Brown and white cowhide rugs represent some of the most popular options for natural floor covering. Because they are distinctively unique, each brown and white hide becomes an original art piece as well as practical floor covering.

      Use a brown and white cowhide as the central design element in a room or add a unique hide as a counterpoint to traditional Orientals or tribal-pattern rugs. Brown and white hides will complement many different color schemes and design esthetics.

      Natural leather hair-on hides are also textural and practical. Visually, they can be calming or dramatic. They are charming, playful and welcoming. Children, adults and pets all love the feeling of cowhide rugs on bare feet. They are a great warming addition to a room with a fireplace, but they are equally practical on sleek tile floors in mid-summer.

      Why not make a statement with a brown and white cowhide rug in your home?

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