Tailored Craftsmanship, Unique Character

Custom cowhide furniture marries skilled craftsmanship with the unique character of cowhide. Perfect for those seeking to infuse their spaces with furniture that makes a statement

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      Cowhide Furniture

      While rugs are definitely the most common use for cowhides, there are literally dozens of different ways you can incorporate cowhides into your home décor. Furthermore, a quality cowhide rug will combine beautifully with cowhide furniture, cowhide wall hangings and other innovative ways to use cowhides in your home.

      At Cowhides Direct, we offer a wide variety of unique and inimitable cowhide furniture pieces and accessories to enhance the style and elegance of your home. From ottomans to bed frames to desks, we offer beautiful furniture options that masterfully match the unique colors and patterns of cowhides to the natural grains of wood.

      If you love the look of cowhides, we even offer complete bedroom sets that will offer a one of a kind feeling of natural beauty to your bedroom. Our custom cowhide ottomans are the most popular option and we offer a huge variety of ottoman styles perfect for every type of use.

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