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Bring an exotic touch to your décor, blending adventurous patterns with a refined aesthetic, perfect for enlivening any space with a hint of untamed beauty.

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      Animal Print Cowhide Rugs

      While cowhide rugs and furniture accessories are known and appreciated for the natural feel that they offer, you can also get the same durability that comes with the natural materials of cowhide rugs printed in zebra print, leopard print, or other eye-catching, unique designs. While these won´t be the “natural” colors of regular cowhide, the same soft feel and texture will accompany your rug as the cow hairs will simply be dyed into the design pattern of your choosing.

      Cowhide rugs with zebra print or the prints of other exotic animals are a much better option than synthetic prints as you will get the same benefits that come with a durable, allergen-free, easy to clean cowhide rug. They also add a touch of enthusiasm and spice to any home décor.

      The animal print cowhides that we offer come in a variety of unique animal patterns including the celebrated zebra stripe and a beautiful giraffe print as well.

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