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23/06/21 06:59 PM
A must buy, I love love love my new cowhide
Kristin T
15/06/21 08:59 PM
Elizabeth H
01/06/21 07:56 PM
Loving it!
Love the rug, looks amazing in my office under my desk.
Camila R
30/05/21 09:59 PM
What a fabulous piece to add to your home. This place has literally endless options, Jeff helped me dial in exactly what I needed and it arrived 3 days later, outstanding all around.
Sofia M
19/05/21 06:45 PM
Amazing Service
A lovely addition to our rustic home. My husband and I are very pleased and I felt compelled to write a nice review, our experience was great from start to finish.
Carolyn E
11/05/21 06:24 PM
Five stars!
So far so good! Received my rug in the mail last week and the wrinkles are gone and its laying perfectly flat. The colors really brought out the look of my décor :)
Amelia C
30/04/21 06:20 PM
Better than expected
Love my new hide so much!! I was quite surprised at the exceptional quality and how beautiful it was.. I recommended this site to all of my friends
Emma B
23/04/21 03:50 PM
So far so good
Had ours for a week so far and we are loving it!
Carol P
19/04/21 07:59 PM
Consistently great
I run an upholstery shop and I regularly purchase rugs from cowhides direct. The quality is always very consistent and free of any blemishes which makes it very easy to work on my projects
Shannon S
06/04/21 05:45 PM
Superior quality!
A little pricey compared to other sites but in terms of quality, there is a noticable difference so I ended up sticking with my cowhide from cowhides direct.
Brittney S
28/03/21 06:55 PM
Decorative for any room
100% real cowhide, its very unique and really makes our room pop
Harrison B
15/03/21 07:49 PM
Nice purchase
Arrived exactly as pictured
Steven J
02/03/21 03:50 PM
Good quality!
Love mine, probably going to order another in the future for my guest room.
Michael N
23/02/21 10:44 PM
Stunning in person!!
No problems, came exactly as expected
Jack L
15/02/21 06:59 PM
Exchanged mine..
I ordered a chocolate cowhide rug but it was a little darker than I imagined. I decided to exchange it for a medium brindle rug instead and the new rug is much better.
Susan N
09/02/21 06:59 PM
Feels great to walk on
Mine arrived exactly like the picture, no smell or brands or markings. I am definitely very pleased with my purchase. There were some wrinkles from shipping but they came out quickly so no worries.
Monica R
30/01/21 02:59 PM
I am so happy!
My husband and I purchased our rug to go under our coffee table. The colors are perfect and its so soft it feels wonderful to walk on.
Rebecca L
19/01/21 07:59 PM
Awesome find!!
Love it! Completed the look in our room :)
Savannah R
13/01/21 08:59 PM
I'm impressed!!
Better than I imagined! The quality is fantastic and it’s a total statement piece when someone walks into our home. I've referred many friends to come shop at Cowhides Direct.
Crystal C
05/01/21 05:39 PM
The cowhide that I bought is very beautiful and a great value. I purchased it from the clearance section thinking it would have flaws but it was actually completely perrfect. Overall I am very impressed!
Ivan P
28/12/20 04:59 PM
Excellent product!
I bought this as a gift and it was very well received. They loved the speckled pattern
Andrew R
18/12/20 01:59 PM
True to size
I was very impressed with the quality I received for the price
Robert P
12/12/20 03:59 PM
Quality cowhide!
I am so happy!! Thank you for my gorgeous new hide. I will be coming back again for sure.
Jennifer K
08/12/20 01:39 PM
Unique for any room
Lovely area rug and it was exactly what I wanted